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Automotive Systems
offers IT products
and support to car dealers.

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Initially, Automotive Systems was a division of Beherman-Demoen S.A. that has been involved in car distribution for over 70 years.

In 2010, Automotive Systems became a separate company within the Beherman Group.

What do we specialise in? Providing IT support to car dealers, who can take full advantage of the experience we have gained over the past 20 years, both as importers and distributors.

What we provide: We install and provide support for the iReach software, hardware and many other special programs used in car distribution.


iReach is a DMS system (Dealer Management System) that allows car dealers to monitor their operations at all times.


  • Access to a SQL database (Structured Query Language)
  • Simplified transactions
  • Security features for the end user
  • Time savings
  • Ease of use
  • Microsoft Office (and text message) integration
  • Access points that simplify interfaces

What we provide:

  • For end users, an application available in three languages (FR, NL and EN)
  • For car dealers, any number of languages to connect to the manufacturer’s system

Brands that use our solution:

  • Aixam | Alfa Romeo | Aston Martin | Fiat | Ford | Fuso | Honda | Hyundai | Isuzu | Jaguar | Jeep | Kia | Land Rover | Lexus | Lotus | Maxus | Mazda | MG | Mitsubishi | Nissan | SsangYong | Subaru | Suzuki | Toyota

Most of these brands recommend iReach.

Our activities and figures

We are represented in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Switzerland.
There are over 300 active sites and more than 2.300 users.

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Our philosophy

Traditionally, DMS systems come in various models (e.g. Sales – Shop – Workshop, etc.). These then need an accounting package, requiring an external application.

With iReach, everything is integrated, including accounting. Every operation that will have an impact on the results of another entity (company, site, department, etc.) or another product is automatically recorded.


The CRM (Customer Relation Management) system allows the car dealer to monitor current and prospective clients via the ‘Prospects’ tool.

What we provide:

  • Each contact is recorded under their name in a database
  • All functions are easily accessible: price quotes, orders, invoicing, email, fax, text messages, mail, etc.
  • Subsequent contacts are planned in
  • Contacts can be linked to the built-in calendar which can in turn be synchronised with an electronic calendar (PDA)
  • Specific operations can be protected and marked ‘confidential’ or ‘private’


Everything starts with a sale. As such, it is essential that the price quote is presented professionally to the prospective buyer so that reliability is one of the first impressions they have of you.

What we provide:

  • iReach checks the availability of the model in the inventory
  • For trade-ins, the traded-in vehicle will become available for sale before it even arrives at the dealership
  • The sales service can monitor bonuses and additional rebates from the supplier


A DMS system without good shop management functionality is not a good solution. iReach provides key functions:

  • Displaying a detailed inventory at any time
  • Monitoring deposits on standard exchanges and surcharges
  • Making an order just by selecting ‘order proposal’
  • Instant display of the order status, reserved parts in stock and backorders


Good workshop management requires effective planning.

This is what the integrated iReach system provides.

What we provide:

  • When booking an appointment, you can reserve a technician, a replacement car, a work space or specific equipment, etc.
  • Menu Pricing Software (if available) can be consulted to determine which specialists and spare parts will be required
  • iReach searches for an available slot in the calendar and records all the information there
  • Each appointment made by telephone is confirmed to the client via text message or email with just a click
  • Once the appointment has been made, a repair order is created. On the workshop sheet, barcodes enable the hours needed to be logged
  • The workshop module contains valuable information such as the price per kilometre per car, work ongoing, the number of entries into the workshop, etc.


The accounting module is the most important and most impressive part of the application.

Naturally, it includes all of the standard items, such as financial movements and manuals, VAT statements and administrative documents concerning suppliers and clients.

However, the biggest different with iReach is that all of these movements are performed automatically, saving valuable time.

What we provide:

  • No need for an external accountant or accounting expertise
  • This module monitors all other modules and creates reports detailing the results of each department, connected to the budgets created using Microsoft Excel
  • Organisation-specific reports can also be created by exporting iReach information to Excel


Hardware is probably the most important part of an organisation. Just think of the costs incurred by a computer or server failure...

Automotive Systems installs and provides support for hardware. We always use high-quality equipment to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

What we provide:

  • Equipment is guaranteed for 3 years and can be replaced in one working day
  • We offer a maintenance contract which covers all services, ensuring continuous operation
  • Without a maintenance contract, services are invoiced on a cost-plus basis


Automotive Systems regularly organises training sessions. In a fully equipped room, we familiarise our clients with our products.

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